Free WiFi in Wellington West? It’s on the Way!

April 17, 2014 6:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Free WiFi access, previously a concept only for coffee shops and that time your neighbour forgot to put a password on her network, is on its way to Wellington West. The Wellington West Business Improvement Area (WWBIA) recently announced that they’re partnering with IceNet Wireless to bring community WiFi to the main street and surrounding corridors.

Why free WiFi in Wellington West?

After performing research in partnership with Creative Neighbourhoods—a non-profit organization based in Ottawa that works to improve the use and design of public space—the free WiFi project was born.

“The project will aim to create an engaging experience for shoppers, business owners, visitors and residents,” said WWBIA Chair Randy Kemp in a press release, “[and] it also will go a long way in laying the foundation for future projects that involve wireless connectivity.”

When will Wellington West be getting free WiFi?

Work on the project begins this month, with installation along Wellington Street West starting in the coming weeks and continuing through the next few months. A full launch is planned for the end of summer. According to the WWBIA newsletter, an initial site survey was conducted this week.

“The Internet is part of our lives, at our finger tips,” said Ian Fraser, owner of local business Cyclelogik. “Why not take that on as an opportunity to increase our community’s overall experience in the area—the future applications will extend from your bicycle to your dinner table.”

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