Top 15 Home Staging Tips

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When selling your house it is important to highlight your house’s features and to show off the space. Potential buyers are highly sensitive to aspects of your home that can be easily overlooked. Here are some tips to help present your house in the best light possible.

Clean as if your mother is coming over…and then clean again.

Remove ALL clutter.  Clutter can be books, toys, clothes, furniture, and all other objects that take up unnecessary space.

Ensure that taps are not dripping and all doors and cupboards open and close properly.

Replace burnt out light bulbs.

Keep your bills, credit card receipts and bank statements out of view.  You may want to store them with your other valuables.

Empty all garbage cans.

Replace toilet paper rolls with full rolls.

Consider removing personal photographs that may be on display.

Remove all fridge magnets and pictures that may be hanging on your fridge.

If repainting, consider neutral tones.  Not everyone appreciates the colour kokopelli teal.

The décor in the master bedroom should appeal to both sexes.

Organize your storage space to show off how much room there really is.

Draw in as much natural light as possible.

Make sure the air in you house is fresh and there are no unpleasant or overpowering odors.

Mow the lawn and weed the garden.

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