Tis’ the Season to Protect your Home during the Holidays

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Whether you are staying in town for the holidays, visiting family or jetting off on an all exclusive Caribbean cruise, you should always take precautions during the holidays and keep your home safe from unwanted guests.  As the holiday season peaks, so does crime.  Here are some things to watch out for.

Staying in Town

Beware of the boxes you put in the recycling
This shows people what new electronics

Don’t run extension cords through windows
Running wires or lights through the window leaves the window slightly open or worse unlocked.  Use the exterior outlets of have an electrician install inexpensive outlets in proximity to where you need the light source.

Empty the Car
Do not leave gifts, cameras, parcels or any other item that might tempt someone to break a window and take it.

Going out of Town

Don’t broadcast your traveling schedule on social media
It is tempting to let everyone on Facebook know that you are going on vacation.  Avoid checking in while at the resort or in the airport on Facebook, especially if you’re home will be unoccupied.  This is an open invitation for burglars, as they know when you won’t be home.

Close the Blinds
If you cannot see what you’re missing, chances are you won’t miss it, right?

Use Timers
Have a trusted neighbour shovel your walkway and pick up your mail while you are away.  Nothing screams, “No one is home!” like an overflowing mailbox.

Use Timers
Put timers on your exterior Christmas light and the lights in the rooms you use the most and or visible from the street.  This will make your home look lived in and looked after.

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