Rebranding Centretown

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Developer David Wex of Urban Capital is looking to rebrand Bank Street.  With the proposed name “South Central” Wex and his team are hoping to put some energy back into the area.  There has been mixed feelings expressed by the locals about the idea of rebranding and attaching a new name to their neighbourhood.

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Wex and his team have developed a website to help with the rebranding This site has a mini directory of some of what South Central/Bank Street has to offer.  Not only does it display businesses, there are also a few individuals on the website, explaining why they like living in the area.  Information about Wex’s two condos is also presented on the site as “Live Here”.  Under the “What’s Going On” tab is an invitation to a party celebrating the launch of South Central and a chance for local dwellers to get to know each other.  The party was at James Street Pub on July 10, from 6-9pm.

At the party there were a few dozen protesters sharing their opinion about the rebranding and the launch of all the new condo developments.  Protestors held signs saying “More condos equal more jerks” “This dead zone is our home” and “David Wex, you’re kind of an a–hole”.  One man was removed from the pub after throwing glitter at Wex and was later arrested for trespassing as he was screaming at people inside the pub.

The protestors did not like the fact that the condos developments would attract wealthier people and would change the neighbourhood for the worst.  In chalk it was written “The rich are the worst” and “Housing for all not just rich jerks”.

Wex went on to give his speech despite being covered in glitter. He explained that rebranding Centretown as South Central was something that the people could decide to adopt or not.

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Article for the Ottawa Citizen – July 11, 2012
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