No More Exemptions for Ottawa Developers?

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OMB Ruling Sets Major Precedent, Sets Back Plans for Ottawa Condo Developments

In early June the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) rendered a decision that could have major repercussions for future condo developments in Ottawa.

On June 12, the OMB over-ruled the City of Ottawa’s prior approval of a 16-storey condo tower being built at 335 Roosevelt Ave. in Westboro by Uniform Urban Developments.  But it was not so much the ruling itself; but the reasons given that is striking fear in the hearts of local developers.

In the ruling, the OMB said something shocking – that the City of Ottawa’s Official Plan is supposed to mean something.  What a concept!   The OMB said that the City cannot simply override its own plan willy-nilly; and that the City would have to go back and amend its Official Plan if it wanted the project to proceed.  But amending the Official Plan is not an easy task and could take months and years, if it succeeds at all.

This kind of new-found resident activism could create a whole new realm of uncertainty and could scare off would-be condo developers.  When the OMB decision was released the developer involved had no comment.  At least none fit for print, one would imagine!

This OMB ruling, if it becomes a precedent could enbolden local residents to try to stop many of the condo developments being planned across Ottawa.  In this case, the local councillor and the community association were both supportive of the project and the City Council’s approval.

Yet a small number of local residents succeeded in bringing the project to a complete halt.

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