Engel & Völkers Ottawa Central Joins The Internet

June 15, 2012 10:00 am Published by 3 Comments

Jumping In!

Well, I did it! I finally took the plunge and launched the JohnKingTeam.com Web site and associated social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Google+) for my real estate practice. It only took me 19 years since I started practicing as a real estate agent and Broker; but I am finally here. Firmly landed in the 21st century and this exciting online world!

Why did it take so long? I guess like anything, it takes a while to do things a different way. Particularly, if you have been doing it the same way for 19 years. But time marches on and old dogs need to learn new tricks.

Clients hire me to market and sell their home – often their most valuable asset and trusted possession. These new platforms give me a great new marketing channel to help reach new audiences and prospective buyers, an exciting new part of the value-added that I can offer as a licensed REALTOR. I can assure my clients that their home will benefit from the best overall marketing campaign possible. That includes marketing a home through the traditional channels, such as an MLS listing, lawn signs, open houses and newspaper ads – but also through online channels and new media such as email, Facebook, Twitter, video tours, virtual photo tours, etc.

Most people looking to buy a new home start their search online; so it is essential that I am able to market my clients’ homes to prospective buyers through these new media platforms. Our exciting journey with new media and new channel is just beginning. Stay tuned!

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