• Property TypeSingle Family
  • Address47 Melville Drive Ottawa , Ontario K2J 1W2
  • Year Built2012/Approx
  • Baths3
  • Beds4
$ 759,000
  • Property TypeCondo
  • Address330 Loretta Avenue South Ottawa , Ontario K1S 4E8
  • House Size1220 sqft
  • Year Built2010/Approx
  • Baths2
  • Beds2
$ 499,900
  • Property TypeTownhome
  • Address180 Huron Avenue North Ottawa , Ontario K1Y 0W4
  • Year Built1942/Approx
  • Baths2
  • Beds3
$ 547,000
  • Property TypeSingle Family
  • Address30 Castlethorpe Crescent Ottawa , Ontario K2G 5P7
  • Year Built1988/Approx
  • Baths3
  • Beds4
$ 635,000
  • Property TypeSingle Family
  • Address332 Island Park Drive Ottawa , Ontario K1Y 0A7
  • Year Built1950/Approx.
  • Baths4
  • Beds4
$ 899,000
  • Property TypeMulti Use
  • Address27 Goulburn Avenue Ottawa , Ontario K1N 8C7
  • House SizeLot 100.00 x 100.00 sqft
  • Year Built1902 / Approx.
  • Baths6
  • Beds9
$ 1,680,000
  • Property TypeSingle Family
  • Address45 Springwood Circle Ottawa , Ontario K2S 1E2
  • Year Built1991/Approx
  • Baths3
  • Beds5
$ 599,900
  • Property TypeTownhome
  • Address186 Provender Avenue Ottawa , Ontario K1K 4N7
  • Year Built1993/Approx
  • Baths2
  • Beds3
$ 316,400

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